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important goals of balsam garden

Coffee Bean

Signature Aroma

Coffee Bean

Great Notes

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

With these three goals in mind, the Balsam Garden team is always striving to be the best in the products it produces.


The Aroma you’ll never forget.

As our perfume line grows, we ake sure to bring the best qualities to our community.
The main pillar of Balsam Garden has been and will be the durability of the notes and the excellent scent.

Carefully Crafted for you

Each and every perfume that Balsam Garden produces, tells the story of that product and with every bottle that we produce, we are getting closer to our goal of inclusivity.

Our Story

Balsam Garden team has been working professionally in the field of cosmetics and original perfumes for several years. Since our customers were looking for completely original products with a very high durability, we decided to produce the highest quality and most suitable women’s and men’s perfumes with the facilities we have and introduce it to the global market. . For this reason, Balsam Garden perfume team started its specialized activity in producing and selling the most lasting fragrances in history by registering with the world.

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